Crowd funding – A training platform where artists can practice their begging behavior?

Turning crowd funding and crowd scouring in a work of art instead of using as a tool for creating art.

Crowdfunding + Crowdsourcing = Art

I needed help to re-invent myself as an artist. Therefore I wanted to pay the creative community at a crowd sourcing platform for creative tasks, to create my upcoming exhibition and restore my artistic credibility.

I wanted to activate a crowd storm which creates the best artwork for my next exhibition.

1.     Kickstarter crowd funding campaign is set up to finance the cost of a following crowd sourcing campaign.

2.     Crowd sourcing campaign – according to a detailed briefing the global creative online community will submit artworks.

3.     An advisory board selects submitted artworks for my upcoming exhibition “LIGTHART’s COMEBACK”

4.    When a collector buys an artwork, the artist will appropriate it by signing.

5.     Official artist of the exhibition LIGTHART’s COMEBACK is a backer of my kickstarter campaign. Whoever purchases "Your Fast Track To Fame" package will become the official artist of LIGTHART's COMEBACK at Georg Kargl Fine Arts opening on September 10, 2015.

With your support this could have been my comeback in the art world …

After my comeback failed I showed RESTPOSTEN aus BERLIN.